We Are Taking Networking To A Higher Level.

ISP Supplies offers customized
solutions in tower design, construction
and maintenance services to meet
your business needs.

Tower Design
and Construction

Our experience and broad portfolio, allows us to provide you with a diverse array of towers to fit your coverage needs throughout the U.S. As an authorized Rohn distributor, we have a large inventory of Rohn tower systems ready to ship and be built to your location. Our team has the knowledge, equipment and manpower to construct any type of tower. Our goal is to offer customized solutions to achieve optimal coverage.

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General Tower Maintenance
and Inspections

We understand the importance of regularly scheduled maintenance and site inspections on existing structures. We offer a comprehensive site inspection and audit that are tailored for our customer’s particular needs. All reports include a summary of items inspected, an inventory of the site, and photos (either digital or hard copy) along with recommendations for repair items. Our skilled crews have experience troubleshooting and repairing towers, antennas, transmission cables and lighting systems. With knowledge and specialized training, ISP Supplies can cost-effectively maintain your site.

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Industries We Serve

ISP Supplies works with customers from a number of different industries to help them optimize their wireless communications networks. Through our experience, we have developed a number of targeted solutions that help these organizations by addressing their specific needs.

  • Oil and Gas
  • Communication
  • Wind Energy
  • Transportaion
  • Utilities
  • Sports Lighting
  • Government and Public Safety
  • Security
  • Wireless Internet Service Providers
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We Grow To Meet Demands

The demand for energy in the oil and gas industry is thriving and connectivity will be necessary for communication, monitoring and control. ISP Supplies has anticipated this need and we are growing our portfolio so we can satisfy the needs of customers in the U.S. and abroad.

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Pricing Plan

If you do not see what you were looking for, please contact ISP Supplies’s sales department at [email protected] or 855-947-7776.

Tower Construction quoted upon request.

Standard Work

Start at $850/day
plus expenses

Light work. This includes replacing radios, running single cables, and other tasks which require only one climber.

Advance Work

Start at $1450/day
plus expenses

New deployments and other things which require multiple climbers and/or tower rigging.

Tower Planning

Start at $125/day

Includes tower design, construction, planning and wind load planning.

A commitment to quality has secured ISP Supplies as a reputable wholesaler in the industry.

ISP Supplies provides complete integrated global networking solutions and technologies to its customers. Since 2009, we have implemented wired and wireless equipment designed to handle ever increasing performance requirements. Our solutions transform networks into scalable, secure, and converged infrastructures built to communicate today’s messages with tomorrow’s technology.

Centrally located in College Station, Texas, our team of network engineers have leveraged years of expertise in network design, management, architecture, deployment and maintenance to make sure your network runs ‘hands off’. We work to best align your business needs with our cutting-edge business technologies. Our deep history of technical innovation keeps us ahead of today’s networking trends and allows us to design a superior, reliable, dynamic network.

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